About This Site

Old West Stories exists as a discussion forum of all things Western.

This forum is a place for stories of the old west and and related matters, even if only loosely related.  It includes stories and information about matters that have grown out of that magical era on the American midwest when the cowboy ruled supreme.

If you, just like me, love the adventure, the romance, the outlaw mystique and the history of the midwest, you will find something to interest you here.


This site has a wide ranging mission.  Any topic concerning to old west might turn up here.
Any topic in some way related to the wild west of the 1800’s, might turn up here.
The relationship may be direct or it may be a quite liberal link, as long as there is a link, it could turn up here.
As an example, the quality clothing manufacture from Australia, R.M.WILLIAMS, rates a mention on these pages.  Their link is that the company has created boots, hats and other products in the Australian market for decades.

So you can see, the link can be loose.

The list below is a sample of what you may find:-

  • Where are they now; biographical information of old west characters from the past.  For example:-
    – Pat Garrett
    – Clint Eastwood
    – Marshall Grover
    – The cowboy from The Village People
    – Lucky Luke
  • Historical timeline of some key events in the history of the Midwest.
  • Famous or interesting fiction.
  • Where to get some great western products, whether they be new, used, or collectibles either genuine or copies.
  • Attractions, museums or holidays.
  • Competitions, champions or someone that just gave it a go.


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