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Old West Stories is here to serve you!

Okay.  You got me.  Old West Stories is here to servce me.  I hope though, that because you are reading this page, you are interested in the same things as I am.

The web site is here to be a discussion forum for all things from the old west.  There is basically no other limit on what can go on the site.  Chances are, if you are as fascinated with old west stories as I am, I will be interested in the things you are interested in.

On the Old West Stories, we will try to:-

  • Make this site interesting;
  • Make this site accurate;
  • Make this site entertaining;
  • Ensure the site is a valuable resource for members and readers;
  • Keep the site updated on a regular basis;
  • Respond to members and readers when they make contact;
  • Provide links to stories, history, products and other service; and
  • Grow the site in the directions indicated by members and readers.

NOW, it is important to note that we said at the top, we will try to do these things.  Old West Stories does not have full time or paid staff working on projects, researching articules or looking to answer questions.  What we have is people interested in everything to do with the wild, wild west and are willing to make contributions to this site.

Every reasonable effort is made to make the information as accurate as it can be.  You can make contributions to this site yourself.  All we ask is that you make the same efforts when making a contribution and that you understand that others are making the same effort but that mistakes can be made.

You will also find places where the site specifically states that information used in some circumstances is unreliable or not confirmed as fact.  A case in point is the birth date of Billy the Kid.  We have stated a date but warrant that this is not confirmed and only a “most probable” date.

So there we.  The site is here for you.  If there is something you want to know and we can help, we will try.


2 Responses to Our Services

  1. gregg says:

    Love the site! How about folks writing old west fiction? Love to see some of it. And would love to contribute as well. Be happy to head up a section, assuming you’re WordPress oriented–it’s about all I understand about the Internet. And I’m about half-way through writing my own first western fast draw novel…

    • wildwest says:

      Hi Gregg,
      Thanks for the feed back, much appreciated.
      I don’t yet have a spot for contributor fiction however, will be doing that in the new year, probably second quarter.
      I’ll actually being doing through a separate, linked site.
      I will keep your email onhand and let you know when it is ready.
      There will be spots for small items in a post format and I will be using PDF and other e-readers for people to download larger things.

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