Billy the Kid Page Created by Old West Stories

Billy the Kid

A new page has been created about Henry McCarty, alias “Billy the Kid”.  He is reported to have been born on 23rd November 1859.


We say ‘reported” because this appears to be the most likely birth date of the boy who would later gain notoriety as the outlaw known as Billy the Kid.

He also went by the name William H Bonney and probably many other names.  He is probably the most misunderstood and misreported historical figure in old west stories.

The legend says Billy the Kid was the greatest of the cold blooded killers in all of the old west.  Whether or not he was cold blooded is a matter of speculation but he was a killer.

To read more about Billy the Kid and the old west stories created around him, check out this new page at Billy the Kid.


Check back as well when you see new posts about Billy.  The page now has a short outline of Billy and his story.  In coming months, more details and interesting facts will be added.





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One Response to Billy the Kid Page Created by Old West Stories

  1. Jamie Olivent says:

    Love the site guys.
    This is a great place for some history, a few reviews (give me more) and interesting anecdotes.
    I have subscribed and look forward to more posts.
    On the history page though, let me know when you add stuff.
    I saw today heaps more stuff going on and love the section about beavers but it is hard to know when new stuff goes on. Please make a post to let us know when it is added.

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