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Win this old west story – The Hunt for Kid Ramble

OLD WEST STORIES - The Hunt for Kid Ramble

On 14 March 2011, Old West Stories announced the release of a new novel, “The Hunt for Kid Ramble”.  This book is only available as an eBook and you can download it for just $5.00.  Would you like to win a FREE copy of this book.

How do you win? Read the free chapters that you can access on the link to Kid Ramble.

Then answer the following question and send your answer to Old West Stories at enquries@oldweststories.net or answer through a comment at the bottom of this page or the Kid Ramble page.

Question – During a shoot out with Kid Ramble and his gang in a remote valley, one of Sergeant White’s soldiers lost a leg after being shot in the knee.  Who was that soldier?

Entries close on 30 April 2011, 5 winners will be announced on this site on 5 May 2011 and they will receive their FREE copy of the book.

If you haven’t seen the video advertisement, click the picture above to check it out.

What is this Old West Story about?

Kid Ramble on the Run

The story starts with a bank robbery in Wyoming with a Billy the Kid style character leading a bad bunch of young men who want to be old west outlaws.  They steal a Cavalry payroll and kill the of the Sheriff’s deputies and four others that included a bound and helpless woman.

The town Sheriff takes on Marshal duties and leads a posse into the old west wilderness of Wyoming.  The Sheriff turns out not tobe up to the job but a Cavalry Sergeant with the tenacity of Wyatt Earp is also on his trail.  A classic shoot out in a remote valley, in the style of your favourite old west stories leaves both soldiers and outlaws dead but Kid Ramble is still on the run.

While on the run the remnants of the gang kill a man’s daughter and cripple his wife.  Even though John Quaid knows he is not a tough western Sheriff and Ramble has already shot him once, he heads out to track him down.  Read how Kid Ramble turns himself into an old west legend and how John Quaid, the cavalry Sergeant and the gang end up in a deadly encounter near that famous old west town of Deadwood.

The crew at Old West Stories is certain you will enjoy reading this classic story of the old west.  So happy reading and good luck.

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