Cat Herders

Old West Stories recently came across a special story of The Old West that was completely unexpected and hysterically funny.  We have all  heard about the Oregon Trail and others, forged to trail beef cattle from Texas to the Northern States hungry for quality beef after the Civil War.

Did you know that cattle were not the only live stock herded across these trails?  This job was not for the feint hearted, it needed the toughest cowboys to tackle the dangers of over 800 miles trailing huge herds of cattle through dangerous and inhospital country.  For many of the Texas cowboys who undertook this work, it may have seemed tame after their experieince in the Civil War but was tough beyond modern understanding.

Many of our friends find one or two nights camping in good weather, with a great tent, a car near by and portable gas cooking and heating, tough enough to brag about to all the other wokrer in their week day office environment.  If it rained, obviously those two days would be even harder.  Imagine if you can, 6 to 8 weeks on the trail often with no shelter and the constant threat of outlaws and Indians all the way.

Did you know there was harder work than trailing cattle for 800 miles; and more rewarding too.

To view a very informative (and hysterically funny) video, click on the link below now.

Cat Herders

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