Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys and Aliens





Old West Stories has just come from viewing the new Ron Howard Movie, Cowboys and Aliens.

Old West Stories - Cowboys and Aliens

Cowboys and Aliens - Daniel Craig

This movie sits squarely into the Old West Stories style.

I have been a Harrison Ford fan for a very long time.  As an Australian, I have been keen to see Daniel Craig perform well.  Well, did he perform well? 

In our view, you bet he did.  In this role, Daniel Craig has stamped his style emphatically on the Character of Jake Lonergan.

Set the difficult task of portraying a man who was an outlaw but would become a hero of immense proportions, he carried the role with true old west style and placed his own personal acting style on top for great effect.

Daniel Craig makes a completely convincing cowboy in this movie.  Craig gave the role the convincing edge required for the old west, portraying a character who has suffered, had poor nutrition and probably no health care, walks with caution and hesitancy as well as having the look of a man who is worn by harshness of the time.

From the opening scene, the style of his character is set.  When he takes out three armed bounty hunters by hand, the toughness and unforgiving nature of his character is set.  If you really enjoy a hero in style of Wyatt Earp then this movie is a must see.

In the climactic scene, everyone comes together to take on the aliens.  The good guys, the bad guys, the naive, the ruthless, a boy, even the Apache Indians and a Border Collie get together to defend the Earth from an intergalactic enemy they don’t even understand.  Border Collies and other dogs form a crucial part of the making of The Old West and there will soon be a page to honour them under the Stories menu header at the top of this page.

Check out the trailer on YouTube.

The mysterious silence of our hero in early stages hints at the torment of alien abduction that is confirmed later in the film.  As with many of those who have claimed to have been abducted by aliens for real, Lonergan’s memory returns (with the help of a little Apache magic) and he sets about tracking down the alien villains.

Old West Stories highly recommends this a great movie for fans of The Old West.  Cowboys & Aliens” is rated PG-13 and parents are strongly cautioned regarding younger viewers.  The violence is generally stylized however, it is very present from start to finish and I lost track of how many died.


Daniel Craig as Jake Lonergan                         Harrison Ford as Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde Olivia Wilde as Ella                                            Sam Rockwell as Doc                                    Adam Beach as Nat Colorado                           Paul Dano as Percy Dolarhyde                              Clancy Brown as Meacham

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