Delaware – Leading the Way

1787 – December 7 – Delaware became the 1st State of the Union.  Delaware was also the first of the original 13 colonies.

With the making of the following declaration, the United States was begun:-

We the Deputies of the People of the Delaware State… fully, freely, and entirely approve of… the… Constitution.

With this monumental statement Delaware lead the way into the future that we know today.  With this statement key elements of what became The Old West and created Old West Stories, were brought together.  Without the essential struggle for freedom that commenced with this declaration in 1787 it is likely the Old West stories we have come to love would have been entirely different.  The pioneering spirit, the burst of invention and the strides forward were based on the struggle for that freedom; of democracy, that created the USA.

Check out the History Page and the Statehood Dates page for more information.

One of the greatest contributions any person can make to a society is that of leadership.  Delaware lead the States into true Nationhood and that was a leadership that has impacted the entire world.

Old West StoriesFor Delaware, maybe their state slogan says it all –

First State – First Star

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