Duel in the Sun

Duel in the Sun – Western Epic

Duel in the Sun was released in 1946.  This movie is one of the classics and produced as an epic western by David O. Selznick.

I watched this film last night and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I think it is far from the best available, certainly not in as good as John Wayne’s True Grit, Randolph Scott westerns (I particularly like “Comanche Station”) or television shows like Bonanza or Gunsmoke.

It was good enough though to have two Academy Awards nominations, Best Actress (Jennifer Jones) and Best Supporting Actress (Lillian Gish).  It is also worth watching just to see how beautiful Jennifer Jones is as Pearl Chavez.

The film is set in Texas in the 1880s and you can’t get more of The Old West than that.

Jennifer Jones as Pearl Chavez

Jennifer Jones is the star of this show playing the part of Pearl Chavez, a half American Indian who people believe is simply a bad, bad girl who will never make anything of herself.

Pearl is put into the home a greedy rancher, wheel chair bound Senator McCanles and his wife Laura Belle.  She is subjected to ridicule and racism whilst being seen as the object of every man’s desire.  The movie has aspects that are more fitting with a romance movie than a western but it still has all the classic requirements.

It has the gunslinger, the Army, the Railroad, a family feud, a showdown in a saloon, a shoot out in the street and of course, a beautiful love interest.

So my recommendation to you is have a watch and enjoy

BUT don’t expect it to be the best you have ever seen.

Chief High Horse

A part of The Old West I have not yet touched on in Old West Stories is the American Indians.

I am working to rectify that at the moment and on September 1 my first page on American Indians will be completed and published.

The topic is immense on its own as there were than 500 American Indian Nations when Europeans first arrived in the united States.  I can’t possible cover all of that and the millions of stories.

This first page will have an overview of some personally chosen episodes in American Indian history.  Over time more pages will be added covering specific incidents and key characters in more details.

Stay tuned, check in regularly or click the RSS feed to be notified when these and other pages are added.

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