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Old West Stories Cowboy SilhouetteFastest Gun Alive? 



Is it you?

No!  Ever wonder who it is or who it might be?

Between September 30 and October 2 2011, the Cowboy Fast Draw Association will hold its fourth annual World Championship in Fallon, Nevada.

Check out the listing below for other events run by the Cowboy Fast Draw Assocciation:-

Sponsored by Baretta, it is known as the “Baretta Fastest Gun Alive” competition.  The site has a great introductory video on its home page that you can also see on youtube.

Arizona State Championship
Shootout at Winter Range
February 25 – 26
Phoenix, Arizona
Texas State Championship
West Texas Showdown
2011 March 10 – 13
Odessa, Texas
Shootout at the O.K. Corral
CFDA Four Corners Territorial
2011 April 8 – 10
Tombstone, Arizona
Great Northwest Territorial Championship
2011 May 27 – 29
Caldwell, Idaho
High Plains Territorial
Wild Bill Hickok Championship
2011 June 18 – 19
Deadwood, South Dakota
Idaho State Championship
The Reunion
2011 June 24 – 25
Idaho City, Idaho
Virginia State Championship
2011 July 9 – 1-
Roanoke, Virginia
Wisconsin State Championship
2011 July 15 – 17
Superior, Wisconsin
Colorado State Championship
2011 July 21 – 23
Castle Rock, Colorado
Minnesota State Championship
2011 July 30
Owatonna, Minnesota
Oregon State Championship
Great Western Oregon State Championship
2011 August 5 – 7
Canyon City, Oregon
South Dakota State Championship
2011 August 19 – 21
Mitchell, South Dakota
Jesse James Territorial Championship
CDFA Great Plains Territorial
2011 September 16 – 18
CFDA U.S. National Championship
The Gunfighters Rendezvous
2011 September 2 – 4
Pendleton, Oregon
Beretta’s Fastest Gun Alive
CFDA World Championship
2011 September 30 – October 2
Fallon, Nevada

The web site also has some videos of competition on their site and to see two people go head to head in competition when they can both draw, fire and hit the target, sometimes in less than half a second, now that is exciting.  Watching these people in action sure made be glad they had a white circle as their target and not me across 1880 Wichita saloon.

On the site you will also be able to access information on competitions in other states, photographs, past winners and download the “Gunfighters Gazette”.  This is the stuff that Old West Stories are made of.

2 Responses to Fastest Gun Alive

  1. gregg says:

    Can I adapt your logo on this page? One gun instead of two, bigger arms, etcetera, etcetera. I’m asking, can I make something that looks similar to use in a fast draw contest in Portland, OR? I love it!

    • wildwest says:

      Hi Gregg.
      I got that picture from
      They have a great selection of pictures and charge very little to use their pictures.
      I paid $50 and got heaps of pictures but I think you can buy just one or two if you want.
      I am no legal expert, but I think if you used the idea in the way you suggest, you would actually have created something entirely new and there would not be a problem.
      I will be checking out the Oregon site this weekend.
      I would love to do a post or maybe even a page on the event and winners.

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