Hole in the Wall

Benjamin ROSS









What is that I hear you ask?

Who the hell are these guys?

These two guys are working hard to make themselves genuine Old West Stories heroes.

They are an award winning film producer and director team.

They won a Silver Telly Award for their work in film.

Now they are working on a unique new project –

Hole in the Wall –

A television drama series pilot.

Click on the picture above to learn about their award.

Ben and Kris are now bringing their considerable talents to bear on this very exciting new television drama project.

AND YOU can get involved and help ensure the success of the project.

The team are seeking early financial assistance to ensure the highest quality production of the pilot for this show.  You could support the project and be mentioned in the credits, have a wanted poster on the show or even have a walk on part.

I know that if you are on this site you love the old west.  The Hole in the Wall Gang are some of the most notorious outlaws of the period and indeed, rival outlaws from any time in history.  You can’t be interested in Old West Stories and not be fascinated by Butch cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Keep reading here to learn more about this project or to skip over to the special site for the series, just click on either of the pictures above.  This site will also give you information about the characters, details plot lines, information on the project team and a link to their fund raising site.  Would you like to have your picture in the pilot, on a wanted poster?

Of course you would.  So click here to go direct to the fund raising page and find out about the rewards available for helping out.


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