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Lonestar Steakhouse & Saloon

Lonestar Steakhouse & Saloon

The Lonestar Steakhouse in Australia is an experience we highly recommend to you.  We recently attended the Gold Coast venue located at 2532 Gold Coast highway at Mermaid Beach, Queensland.  They have 5 other venues across Queensland and New South Wales.

To check out their locations, the menu and other information, click the photo above to go to their website at www.lonestar.com.au.

When we found this restaurant, the front entrance enticed us with a promise of an experience reminiscent of the old west and we were not disappointed.  The entire experience was memorable and fulfilled our expectations in every way.  Read on for an account of the evening, check out some photographs and a video of staff entertaining guests.

Old West Stories


The evening got off to a fantastic start because our waiter was so friendly and efficient at his job.  Ross Jauncey is from Canada, studying in Australia and working his way through his business degree.  He was particularly helpful all night and very attentive to his guests.

After Ross had taken our order he was contantly available and aware of every detail of our meal, always making sure everything was perfect.  He circulated  discreetly, checking on us and his other guests but in a wonderfully professional manner that was completely attentive but without intrusion.  His exemplary service typified the excellence of the service we received all evening from all staff.

Ross – Your service was among the best

we have ever experienced – Thank You

Old West Stories

Lonestar Steakhouse Saloon

The construction of the premises and the additional decor was all wonderfully designed to present the impression of a genuine old west saloon experience.  The saloon pictured at left, obviously had a wider selection of drinks than there might have been in the typical saloon portrayed in Old West Stories of 1881 but the experience was still entirely effective.

Additional decor in the form of a bison head and other appropriate items added immensely to our enjoyment of the evening.  There were numerous photographs, pictures and articles posted on the walls that entirely fitted and enhanced the evening.

Old West Stories

Lonestar Staff Entertaining Guests

The staff also entertained guests with some impromptu line dancing that as you can see if you click on the picture for the YouTube link, put a smile on the faces of people lucky enough to be there.  Enjoy seeing Jill, Lisa, Rebecca and Jess putting on the show.

Another family were celebrating a birthday that evening and had the staff singing happy birthday as a cake was delivered.  It all added to the fun of the evening a unique dining experience.

Old West Stories

Lonestar Steak Meal

I suppose I should mention the meal.  Well, we are not restaurant reviewers by profession, we just know that we loved the meal, every part of it.  I enjoyed a steak cooked and presented to perfection.  Now I know that if you are surfing this web site, it is not because you are food experts or a wine connoisseur, it is because you enjoy just about everything to do with Old West Stories.  This classic meal that had been enjoyed by many a cowboy during that era was superb.  What we really want to say about the food we received that night is:-

Thank You Lonestar Steakhouse & Saloon

Another great experience came when my wife needed to visit the ladies room (cowgirls).  She came back telling me about the fantastic photos of some very attractive cowboys lining the toilet walls.  She went back for some photos and was one of several women doing exactly the same thing.

The photographs are a bit sexy but tastefully done and remain appropriate to a family restaurant setting.

For the guys, similar photos are on display.

All in all, this is an experience we highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed.

Old West StoriesOld West StoriesOld West Stories

Old West Stories

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  1. kate says:

    I’ve been to the restaurant heaps of times and am never dissapointed. The staff are always friendly and efficient and always have a smile for me.
    thankyou lonestar mermaid beach

    happy customer

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