Fastest Gun Alive


Fastest Gun Alive?

Is it you?

No.  Ever wonder who it is or who it might be?

Between September 30 and October 2 this year, the Cowboy Fast Draw Association will hold its fourth annual World Championship in Fallon, Nevada.

Sponsored by Baretta, it is known as the “Baretta Fastest Gun Alive” competition.  The site has an great introductory video on its home page that you can also see on youtube.

They also have some videos of competition on their site and to see two people go head to head in competition when they can both draw, fire and hit the target in less than half a second, now that is exciting.  Watching these people in action sure made be glad they had a white circle as their target and not me across 1880 Wichita saloon.

On the site you will also be able to access information on competitions in other states, photographs, past winners and download the “Gunfighters Gazette”.  This is the stuff that Old West Stories are made of.  There is also information appearing on my new events page entitled “Fastest Gun“.

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