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Billy the Kid Updated

Billy the Kid

Old West Stories has updated the page forBilly the Kid“.  Click the picture at left to check out the new information.

Henry McCarty, alias “Billy the Kid“, is reported to have been born on 23rd November 1859.  We say ‘reported” because this appears to be the most likely birth date of the boy who would later gain notoriety as the outlaw known to lovers of Old West Tories as Billy the Kid.

Legend says Billy the Kid was the greatest of the cold blooded killers in all of the old west.

Whether or not he was cold blooded is a matter of speculation but he was a killer.  Click on image of Billy to read more about his life.

On this page you will read how this boy who was viewed as friendly, helpful and artistic, carved out a reputation second to none in the old west.  This man is truly a classic outlaw of the wild west legend but many aspects of his life are, more legend than history. In having his life immortalised in this way, he joins other icons of the old west era that have lives that are hard to distinguish from legend and myth.

Sheriff Patrick Floyd Garrett


The eternally infamous Sheriff Pat Garrett (Pat Garret page scheduled for release 23 April 2011) is also one of those characters.  Forever entwined with the Billy the Kid legend, it is difficult to determine whether Pat Garret was:-

One – The brave hearted and heroic old west lawman of legend that faced the heartless and remorseless cold blooded killer Billy the Kid and won in true hero style; or

Two – A callous outlaw who took advantage of poor Billy, a frightened child on the wrong side on uncontrollable events who was gunned down by a killer intent on personal advancement.

Either way, the combination of these two lives coming together on a fateful day on July 14, 1881, created a story that is still subject to debate by people with deeply entrenched positions.  These people include descendants of both men wishing to protect or enhance a reputation.  It also includes people with financial interests in the legend continuing and interest in one of the greatest ever of the Old West Stories of the American Midwest.

Wyatt Earp


Old West Stories is particularly please with the page on that other enigmatic lawman of the Old West, Wyatt Earp.

Check out his page through the link in his name and see how aspects of his life mirror that of Pat Garret.

You can also find him on the Menu List of Old West Stories under the heading of Stories.  Through this link you can also find other stories that include wild west legends Butch Cassidy and Wild Bill Hickok.

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