Old West Stories Book Competition Winners

Thank you to all the entrants in the Old West Stories Book Competition

Kid Ramble on the Run

I trust the winners will enjoy the read.  They have each received their eBook copy by now and working their way through to a showdown in the Wyoming Wilderness that left not one participant unharmed.

The winners are:-

  • Dagan Moss;
  • Zhu Chanatsu;
  • Brendan Phaustini;
  • Phanindranath; and
  • David Panter.

If you haven’t checked out the free chapters yet, they are available on the Kid Ramble page under the Stories banner at the top of the page.  Read about how Kid Ramble robs the bank in heartless manner of Butch Cassidy.  Find out if Cavalry Sergeant Brad White, a veteran of Black Hills Indian campaign can get his man and retrieve the Army money.  Learn why John Quaid can’t quit until he has bagged the man who attaked his family or dies in the attempt.

Old West Stories Special Offer

Old West Stories was intending to offer the book to anyone who entered but did not win, for $3.00.

After thinking about it for a while, we decided to make it available as a special offer to everyone at that price.

That’s right, it is now available for just $3.

It has been changed on the shopping trolley and will show up there for just $3.

Old West Stories will make sure that $1.00 of that will still go to the Wild Horse Rescue Center so they won’t miss out.

The hunt for Kid Ramble

If you haven’t seen the video advert for this story in the classic style of The Old West, check it out now on Youtube.

Remember also to check out the Review pages for updates on Movie Reviews and Book Reviews, being added to regularly.


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