Old West Stories Games

Old West Stories Games

A new page has been added to the Old West Stories web site and there are several similar pages to come.  If you are at all like me, you enjoy most anything to do with the old west and this includes novels, movies, television stories, history and of course, old west games.

Check out the picture below for the first entry on the site, “Railroad Rampage”.

The train has been taken over by an outlaw gang in the style of that famous gang from The Old West, the Reno Brothers Gang (also referred to as the Jackson Gang).  The reno brothers Frank, John, Simeon and William formed the basis of the gang that rampaged through The Old West during the 1860s and formed one of the classic Old West Tales of the period.  The gang is credited with the first recorded peace time train robbery in history.

They led the way for such villians as Butch Cassidy and his gang.  Train robberies were big business for several decades and form a major part of the Old West Stories legends.


Old West Stories

Railroad Rampage

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  1. Ougla Benzizai says:

    Hey great game.
    I love wild west games but a lot of them take ages to play and I don’t the time.
    This is one you can have a go at for ten minutes and come back later.
    I never saw mini clips before and that is a good site too.

    PS – SOme more games like this would be GrEaT.

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