Old West Stories to Come

Old West Stories Stage Coach

Stage Coach Featuring in Old West Stories

Old West Stories will be adding stories, history and general information about the old west.  It will take a while to gather the information and have it ready to present in a cohesive manner.  So today, I will give you a few ideas of things that will appear hear in future posts and on future pages.

Some of the stories to look forward to will include:-

  • The development of the Stage Coach, its use and contribution to Old West Stories.

  • Wyatt Earp:-
  1. His history as a lawman.
  2. His contribution to Cochise County.
  3. That unusual relationship with Doc Holliday, how did that come to be.
  4. That unusual relationship with Calamity Jane, were they lovers?
  5. The loss of his two brothers whilst pursuing success.
  • The States of the Midwest, when they joined and contributions they made.
  • Western fiction, wild west stories that will include:-
  1. A classic or two from the past that you will get for free.
  2. A new western novel that might cost a few dollars.
  3. Discussions about novels and movies about old west stories.
  • Music of the old west or about it including gun fight ballads and movie themes.
  • Pictures including photographs and drawings, some of the genuine historical article and others that are recreations or visions.
  • Contributions from you, if you want.
  • Events – discussions or reports on quick draw competitions, western attractions, holiday and maybe, a competition or two.

There will be more things as time progresses but this will give you a good idea of how Old West Stories will progress.


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