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Old West Stories - Rango

Rango Leading His Posse

This Nikolodean movie lives up to the movie maker’s reputation for story telling and visual expertise.

The main character in this plot (the Hero, of course) is a pet chameleon with an over developed flair for the dramatic, who finds himself a victim of circumstance and lands in the middle of the desert with no water or chance of rescue.

He has no idea what to do but stumbles into an Armadillo who exhibits the wisdom of age and experience.  His new friend is named “Road Kill”, a completely suitable name for a character who has somehow survived being flattended by a passing vehicle.  Road Kill tells our hero to seek out the “Spirit of the West” and sends the chameleon on a desert trek toward a town in the desert with the unlikely name of “Dirt”.

On his way he meets Beans, a female lizard who is trying to save her missing father’s ranch.  Beans becomes the love interest that is absolutely essential to any good story of The Old West.

The classic nature of all Old West Stories now becomes entirely apparent as he enters the Wild West town and finds a strange gathering of creatures who are battling a crisis in their old west town.  All of their water has mysteriously disappeared and the townsfolk are in a desperate condition.  As he tries to fit in and find his pplace in the town, his dramatic tendencies came to the fore and he builds a story of being a gun packing hero who goes by the name of “Rango.”

The town mayor is a tortoise and he makes Rango the sheriff.  The townsfolk applaud and hope that Rango is their salvation but the mayor has appointed him for his own means.  Rango promises the people that he will protect them and find the missing water but he has no idea how.  He has always wanted to be a hero but now he has to live up to his lies.

In the tradition of Old West Stories this stale proceed at quite a pace as Rango bumbles from one situation to another.  Finally he does find the water and for those with a knowledge of Old West History, there are similarities to water wars and outcomes that really occurred.  Water is being moved from one place to another without the consent of the original owners or any thought of the consequences to those people.

A movie well worth a watch but two short words of caution.  For those concerned about story lines and ideas in movies for children, there are some conepts I have expanded on in the Movie Reviews pages that you may want to consider when deciding what age groups this movie is suitable for.  Secondly, this is a cartoon not aimed solely at children.  I am not suggesting (and don’t on the review page) what you should do, only things to consider.

If you click on the image above, it will take you to a preview on Youtube.  Click on the link in the Movie Preview page for a more detailed review.

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