Inheritance – Doc Holliday

I don’t often do book reviews for this site.

One reason for that is that I am not any kind of professional critic nor am I unbiased.

One of the things I am biased about is the kind of book I like AND I don’t like, as a rule, historical, biographical novels.

Imagine my surprise when I fell in love with this book.

Victoria Wilcox has a way of drawing you into the story and making you feel like you are one of the characters.  I found myself totally drawn in to being inside Uncle Bob’s tavern in Fayetteville in the 1850’s.  I could almost taste the beer, smell the cooking and hear the slaves working outside.

I found myself being Doc as an 11 year old, feeling the burden of being the only son of a first born son with all the expectations placed on him as the guardian of an honourable family name.  As the nephew of Dr. John Stiles Holliday, a member of a family of war heroes, part of a clan of highly successful people, son of a decorated Major in the Confederate army, great expectations were hold.

I found myself concerned for Doc’s mother when he learned of her illness.  I felt pity for her and the worries for her son that she no doubt held.  I grappled with thoughts of what I might do for her, how I could help her with her problems.  Even as I read, knowing I am reading and that these re-imagined events happened nearly two hundred years ago, I was in the moment as if I was an eaves dropper with full access to the the family.

As I read on I became a child, playing childish games.  Daring a cousin to undertake a dangerous act, I feared for her when she fell from a tree, shuddered at the thought she may have been hurt (or killed) and ashamed when father caught me out.

Reading Victoria’s work drew me in like few books have.  It felt like I was living these things and as I paused in my reading, I noticed I had just reached page 18 of 349.

Victoria Wilcox – the power of your story telling is sensational.

AND – I have now read t he entire book and the rest of it did not let me down.  The thoroughness of her knowledge of the subject left me enthralled throughout this wonderful read.

Sticking out of the side of my copy of the book are 64 numbered, little yellow tags.  Inside the back cover are a collection of note pages with the 64 things I noted that were interesting and left me wanting to know more.  When I write, as I did for my Doc Holliday page on this website, I like to be thorough with my research.  As I began to write my Doc Holliday page I thought I was well prepared.  In reading Inheritance, it was obvious to me that her expertise in the field is unmatched.

Thank You Victoria, for producing one of the most enthralling reads I know of.