Saloon Brawl

Old West Stories brings you a new game based on the legend of The Old West.

Saloon Brawl - A game based on the legend of The Old West

Old West History is full of wild west legends around the saloon brawl.

There is always a hero to step in a clean up the outlaw.  Often it will be the Marshal or the Sheriff that steps into this role.

In “Saloon Brawl” you will come across a collection of bad guys in Saloon who all want to fight.  You get to use your legendary skills with your fists to lay out all who oppose you.  Punch, kick, throw chairs, break tables, duck bottles and walk away a hero.

Old West Stories always need a hero.  At the Saloon Brawl, will you be the old west stories hero and go down in wild west history.  Just click on the image to give it a go.

This week there have been some updates to the Old West Stories History Page.  Check out 1803 in particular for an overview of events around Louisiana.

A new page is under development for the history of the War of 1812.  Keep an eye on the Old West Stories site to learn more about an even that secured the United States position as a world leader.  The threat from the British was significant and many at the time though America was facing overwhelming odds.  They were right but America still manager to win.  America could have become a British Colony again, stay tuned to learn how this impossible task was achieved.

We also have a new site being developed that will highlight Old West Fiction.  Contributions from fans of Old West Stories so, if you have written any short pieces of fiction about the Old West this could be your chance to be discovered.

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