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Wild Horses

This page will be used as a directory page, containing a directory of pages that will be added to this Old West Stories website over the coming weeks, months and years.

Some of the stories that will be added will be true.  They will be historically accurate, to the best knowledge of the authors and will reflect the history of the people and the country that came to be known as the wild, wild west” of legend.

Some of the stories will be completely fictional.  Some will be from the classic authors old west stories, the writers who helped to create this mystique we are now so fascinated with.

Some of the stories will be brand new, coming from new writers with stories that have not been published before.  In fact, if you have a story to tell, as long as it is an old west story, this web site may provide a venue for you.  If tou are interested in making a contribution, just let me know by going to the Contact Us page and sending me a message.

Old West Stories - Billt the Kid

Billy the Kid

Some of the stories will be a combination of both and the first one to be added, is a case in point.  The information about to be posted on this site has been researched and is as accurate as we can reasonably make it.  Billy the Kid was real, a real man and a real outlaw that created his own old west stories.

It is widely acknowledged however, that much of the Billy the Kid story is clouded in the mystique of the old west, obscurred in the mists of time, hidden behind lies perpertrated by self serving individuals and exaggerated to fulfil the legend.  This subject of so many newspaper articles, books, movies and verbal verbal narrative, has become self fulfilling.


Legends that have grown up around old west stories.


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 Daniel Stephen Hadley

2 Responses to Stories

  1. raymond says:

    I would like to see canyon passage made in1976
    also see some of ty harden bronco movies

    • wildwest says:

      Hi Raymond,
      Thanks for your question.
      Canyon Passage was actually made in 1946, set in Oregon.
      Some call it a Western but it is also a love story with complicated love plots throughout.
      It is also a musical and the rendition of “I’m Getting Married in the Morning” is a classic. Have a look.
      If you want to buy the movie it is available quite cheaply in a 4 movie compilation called “Classic Western Round Up – Volume One“.
      For less than $15 you will get the movie you are after and 3 more.
      I Particularly like The Texas Rangers that is in that collection and even older from 1936.
      Susan Hayward starred in Canyon Passage and was incredibly beautiful in the role.
      I hope you enjoy the movie and would love to hear your review when you have.
      Maybe I could publish on the site.

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