Australian Cowboys

Australian Cowboys

Australia had cowboys of its own during The Old West time in the USA.

In Australia they were called Stockmen.

They also had their own brand of outlaw and they called them Bush Rangers.

There is a very famous poem in Australia called “The Man from Snowy River” .  Check the link to see one of the greatest pieces of film magic ever created.  It captures the essence of the poem and the movie but if you get the chance, check out the entire movie.

Check out more information at  this Australian Cowboys page.

Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly –






One of the most enigmatic figures in all of Australian history.

He was involved in a range of activities that were illegal but somehow managed to earn a place in Australian folklore that has created an aura of the “hero” around this man that was labelled the worst criminal alive.

During the coming months more information will be added about several of the bush rangers who created their own version of The Old West in the Land Down Under.


Daniel “Mad Dog” Morgan

Daniel”Mad Dog” Morgan.

Born John Fuller in 1830, he became known as Daniel Morgan and gain notoriety as “Mad Dog”.

He was born in Appin, New South Wales.  From the age of 2 through 17 he lived with an adoptive father and later became a Stockman.

By 1854 he was opearating under the name “John Smith” and was a suspected horse theif.

He was also known for his heavy drinking and violent temper.

He was arrested for armed robbery and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment but only served 6 years.

Following his release, he began a life of bushranging, using aliases such as “John Smith”, “Sydney Native”, “Dan the Breaker”, “Down the River Jack”, “Jack Morgan” and “Dan Morgan”.

Dan Morgan operated in the vicinity of Henty, Culcairn, Gerogery, Tumbarumba and Morven.

More will be added in the coming months so check back here and also at Australian Cowboys for updates.

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  1. Jon Lorensen says:

    I want to know more about your history and Stockman (Cowboys)

    • wildwest says:

      Hi Jon,
      Stand by for further but I can’t give you a timeknow frame at the moment.
      If you sign up and become a member though, updates will let you items are added.
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