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Wild West Stories Colt Peacemaker

Colt Peacemaker

This is a new blog created in 2011 to promote discussion on anything and everything associated with the old west and particularly, Old West Stories.

If you, like me, are fascinated with all things western, this is a place to look for information, anecdotes, a chance to ask questions and a place to make your own comments.

I just love the culture of the wild, wild west of the 1800s.  The Midwest of the USA created a mystique unmatched throughout history.  In the time when the cowboy ruled supreme and a wild land waited to be tamed, the wild west folklore that spurned the old west stories we love, burst into history and into legend.

This site will focus on the particular parts of the old west that have always fascinated so many, namely the old west stories of history and fiction.  If you have an interest associated with the old west, feel free to comment on that interest, ask a question or provide some information.  If you ask a question, I may not know the answer.  Chances are though, that if you are interested, I will be too and I might be able to find the answer you are after.

The Wild West Stories site will let you make a contribution as well so, if you see a question being asked, feel free to provide an answer or contribute to the search.

So watch the side bars for new categories, new posts and new information.  As the blog evolves, there will be opportunities to join, forums created, competitions to win, games to play, histories and stories (old, classic and brand new) to read and your old west stories as well.

So prepare yourself for a wild ride through the old west, one of the wildest rides you could ever dream of.


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2 Responses to Welcome to the Old West Stories blog forum.

  1. David Porter says:

    This has the making of a great site. I can see it is fairly new but some of the stuff already there is great.
    I particularly like the Billy the Kid history. I have been looking for something that covers the main moments in his life but something that didn;t take me all dayto read.
    I like the history page too and will check back to see how it is going and what gets added.
    Good Job.

  2. The Lincoln Lawyer says:

    This is very inspiring work you have created for us. People need to know that there are different viewpoints.

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