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Old West Stories exists to be a forum to discuss everything that has something to do with the old west.  One of the essential elements of the legends that become old west stories, is the horse.

Have you ever seen a western movie, read a story of the old west or imagined a cowboy and …………. there was no horse.  Imagine Roy Rogers without Trigger – ridiculous.

Picture the Lone Ranger without Silver – impossible.

Visualise, if you can, Lucky Luke without Jolly Jumper – unbeleiveable.

Try and conceive, just for a moment, John Wayne racing to rescue a lovelorn cowgirl, riding a camel – insane of course and certainly, no romance at all.

The true romance of the old west is embodied in the horse.  In particular, the cowboy’s horse and the relationship of a man with a horse he relies upon for everything, including his life.  The wild horse too, was an integral part of the magical fabric that became known as the wild, wild west.

In our contemporary society, not everyone has respect for the horse.  There is even less respect for the wild horse.  But if you are reading www.oldweststories.net, chances are, you love and respect horses, both for their magical, graceful beauty and invaluable contribution the horse has made to mankind for a millenium.  The West would simply not be the West without the horse.

There are people however, that love the horse and are prepared to put their time, their money and their efforts where it counts for the wild horse.  The people at the

Wild Horse Rescue Center

are some of these people.  Diane Delano and the people at the Wild Horse Rescue Center in Florida, are such people.   You can find out more about their work at www.mlwhr.com or email them at mustangladydi@aol.com

The Wild Horse Rescue Center is dedicated to the preservation of the spirit of the old west by saving part of America’s wild heritage, the Mustang.  When Mustang’s are rescued from abuse or neglect, they are rehabilitated and adopted out to qualifying homes.  The center also helps government departments involved in animal management and educates the public.

Old West Stories - Wild Horse Rescue Center


The Wild Horse Rescue Center is available to assist with events and to provide educational opportunities.  Old West Stories is also dedicated to the preservation of the spirit of the old west, in a different way.  We are aiming to continue the stories of the old west through promoting relevant matters on this website.  In its own way, the Wild Horse Rescue Center is a part of the old west stories we are so interested in.  The wild mustang will be forever part of the old west.

“By protecting the wild mustangs, you have become part of the story.”

Well done to Diane and team.

If you would like to help the Wild Horse Rescue Center, you can adopt a horse through their site, give a donation or buy T-Shirts that support their work.

Old West Stories would also like to thank the Wild Horse Rescue Center for allowing us to use their photograph of wild horses that they now have on the welcome page of their web site.   That photo is now on our header.


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2 Responses to Wild Horse Rescue Center

  1. Danny says:

    I’m a big fan of the old west, just stumbled across your site after not being able to find anything decent on the topic. So, looking forward to seeing your blog grow 🙂

  2. I love horses to death! ive never been scared of horses in my life, and ive been around some pretty crazy horses, I would like to own my very own wild mustang one day but my papa said im to young to die lol. my daddy thinks it would be good for me to learn how to train my own horse, I barrel race and im wanting a new younger faster horse and I hear that mustangs are the top five fastest horses alive! GO WILD MUSTANGS!!!

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